• Feel more confident

  • Become more resilient

  • Manage emotions and stress better

  • Have better options in problem solving

  • Tolerate frustration better

  • Get into fewer fights

  • Engage in less destructive behavior

  • Have greater academic achievement

  • Be less lonely

  • Be less impulsive

  • Be more focused

  • Be healthier

Teaching kids and teens to use their imaginations and to develop intuition through the use of mind-body skills helps them to create a more balanced and healthier future.   As a participant in a Mind-Body Skills group, kids and teens learn skills that give them inner resources they can use throughout their lifetime to:

Mind-Body techniques increase the ability to know and express their emotions. Children with a strong foundation in emotional literacy have been found to:

What stresses children and teens out?


Kids are constantly picking up stress from their environment, the adults and older children around them.  They are stressed by what they see on television and what they hear and have difficulty filtering out information.  They can become stressed by major and minor changes, have difficulty with transitions and don't always have the full language to describe what they are feeling.


Some examples of child and teen stress include:

excessive expectations                     worry about what others think          bullying                   fear of being different

ineffective coping strategies           relationship problems                          loss                          peer pressure

learning differences                            pressure to perform                             moving                    natural disasters              major illness                                           separation/divorce                               tv / news                 wanting to please others

fatigue                                                      lack of control                                         uncertainty            poor diet

Additional causes of teen stress:


  • Meeting the expectations of others versus wanting to do things their own way

  • Self-consciousness

  • Being too hard on themselves

  • Influence of changing hormones

  • The need to have friends

  • Hoping for a special someone/love

  • Wanting to be "happy" in a relationship

  • "Firsts"

  • Time demands: having too much to do and not enough time

  • Personal power: wanting to be in charge of their own life

  • Conflicting feelings about sex, drugs, and alcohol

Mind Body Skills Groups For Kids & Teens

Why are Mind-Body Skills important for kids of all ages?