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Opening the Crown Chakra - Male patient
Young woman having reiki healing treatme

Reiki Session

Individual sessions utilize traditional Reiki techniques to pull universal positive light energy and channel it into the body where the energy is needed. 

Multiple gender and age appropriate.

45 min / 85

Reiki with Intuitive Energy Reading Session​ 

Individual sessions utilize traditional Reiki techniques along with intuitive reading of chakra system and chakra energy movement.  Includes chakra realignment.  Body chart will be provided at end of session.

Multiple gender and age appropriate.

75 min / 110


Animal Reiki

Sessions utilizing traditional Reiki techniques to enhance physical and emotional well-being for animals.  Chakra realignment will be provided as well.

All animals welcome.  Sessions provided at your home (barn, pasture, or facility)

60 min / 70-90 (time and price dependent on animal and location)

  • Add-On:  Intuitive Drawing

  • As there is often leftover energy that lingers in our surroundings after a Reiki session, it is additionally helpful to express these energies (in order to move through them)

  • Intuitive drawing involves the client and I gathering these energies together and individually expressing them through color onto paper

  • The result is a unique visual representation of energy created by the client and myself that serves as a record of the positive shifts that can occur during their Reiki session


Past Life Regression Therapy

As a Past Life Regression Therapist, I utilize hypnosis, hypnotic induction, hypnotic recall, visual imagery, and guided meditation to help individuals understand the body-mind connection and its relationship to healing physical and psychological experiences,.  These experiences are often related to lives prior to the present.  With energy information picked up during Reiki and Intuitive Energy Reading sessions, I further assist in exploring barriers that are preventing you from living fully in the present.

Training Completed in Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss

90 - 120 min / 150