Mind-Body Skills Groups

What is a Mind-Body Skills group?


Mind Body Skills Groups are facilitated according to the guidelines of Dr. Jim Gordon and the Center for Mind Body Medicine and provide a safe and supportive small group environment to gently begin the journey towards self-discovery, reducing and relieving stress and creating optimal health.  Participants learn a series of powerful and effective, research-based healing tools to help explore life changes, stress, and well-being in an intimate and supportive group setting.  Anyone can benefit from the deepening self-awareness that comes from these explorations, as well as people who have a particular health or life challenge they want to understand more about.

The practice of relaxed, moment-to-moment awareness is essential for proper self-care.  The key to stress management is experiencing your emotions fully and moving through them, rather than becoming stuck in them.  The first step is to become aware of your emotions; the next step is to express them.  Meditation helps you to develop self-awareness; verbal and creative expression (art, journaling, movement) helps you to move through those emotions.

What are the benefits of being part of a group?

Group-work has many benefits for participants including increasing awareness of how one relates to others, having the opportunity to give and receive support, and realizing one is not alone in their suffering, among others.  It is a powerful tool for growth and change.   Mind-Body Skills Groups offer a supportive atmosphere and an exploration of many mind-body approaches,  The group is designed not only to teach mind-body skills, but also to help participants develop a deeper level of awareness in the sharing of experience among group members.  The result is an increased ability to cope with the emotional, physical and psychological challenges that face us in our daily lives.  Groups naturally facilitate deep wisdom and connection among members.

Benefits include:

       Decreased Physical Symptoms of Illness         Better Coping Skills

       Positive Perceptions on Life                                    Increased Self-Awareness

What can I expect from participating in a Mind-Body Skills group?

Group Participants Have Experienced:

A Decrease in Depression and Anxiety - a heightened sense of well being and engagement in life

Better Coping Skills - useful tools for managing pain, chronic illness, stress, anxiety and depression

Fewer Physical Symptoms - less pain, less fatigue, and more energy

Enhanced Immune System Functioning - to help the body mobilize itself against illness

Greater Self-Awareness, Positive Perceptions of their Life - making it easier to handle stress and illness

What skills will I be practicing?

Groups are highly experiential and integrate techniques that will empower your growth through effective research proven skills.  You can find a detailed description of each technique here.

·         Meditation - learn to live a content and mindful life

·         Expressive Art and Writing

·         Breath Work - enhance your health by breathing more fully

·         Movement - become aware of your body's natural responses, release stress & increase energy

·         Guided Imagery - use your imagination to help your mind and body heal

·         Biofeedback and Autogenic Training - learn to use your body's natural abilities to relax

Who can benefit from joining a Mind-Body Skills group?

Anyone can benefit from joining a Mind-Body Skills group including people who already practice some mind-body skills.  Groups are comprised of people of all ages and backgrounds.  The common theme is the desire to seek support and develop internal resources to make changes - whether to decrease stress, pain or anxiety, enhance health and well-being, or find clarity about important life decisions.

The Mind-Body Skills Group model recognizes and embraces individual differences: participants are given an opportunity to explore a variety of methods, and to take the time to listen inwardly to learn more about their own needs.

Where are groups held?

Groups are ongoing and meet in the Lake Wylie office.  Groups are also facilitated for corporate and healthcare professionals off-site at their place of business.   Please contact me for special considerations.