Balancing Third Eye Chakra - Healing pra
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Opening the Crown Chakra - Male patient
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Reiki teaches us to become energy channelers; to draw the healing energy into the body so the body can naturally take it in and use it where it's needed

how it's applied

  • Using a light hands-on touch technique, I place my hands on Usui Reiki-specified (target) energy spots on the body

  • If clients are uncomfortable with light touch, I use hovering hands

  • Clients are fully clothed and laying flat on a Reiki table or sitting in a chair

What does a Reiki & Intuitive Reading Session look like?

  • Starting at the head, I move along the body down to the feet and back up the other side, pausing for periods of time to move energy

  • I will spend more time in the specific chakra energy spots along the center of the body.  At times, I may have clients lie on their stomach

  • There is no manipulation of soft-body tissue at any time.  This is not a massage 

  • I am able to visualize a client's chakra system and see in my mind's eye specifically where their energy is lacking, are sick, or maladjusted

  • I am adept to opening chakras and have developed intuitions about blocakages.  I am able to locate old wounds and do the work needed to address them

  • When the session is over, I provide a personalized body chart depicting each client's unique chakras and chakra energy mapped out and depicted in colors​.  This helps to visualize the progress of change and the balancing of energies

  • Add-On:   Crystal Energy Healing

  • Utilizing energy-charged healing stones and crystals in a Reiki session increases positive vibrations and gives extra strength to healing troubling aspects.

  • Crystals are available for purchase to continue a specific healing at home

  • Add-On:  Intuitive Drawing

  • As there is often leftover energy that lingers in our surroundings after a Reiki session, it is additionally helpful to express these energies (in order to move through them)

  • Intuitive drawing involves the client and I gathering these energies together and individually expressing them through color onto paper

  • The result is a unique visual representation of energy created by the client and myself that serves as a record of the positive shifts that can occur during their Reiki session