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Mind Body Skills Groups & Art Therapy/Counseling

As a Creative Arts Therapist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, I specialize in the complimentary use of creative expression and meditation to increase self-awareness, access inner peace, and discover the authentic self.  My goal is to guide my clients towards achieving this by helping them to move through their emotions instead of getting stuck in them. 

I offer individual counseling which uses any combination of talk therapy, art, and meditation as vehicles to explore life's challenges and express emotions in a safe and healing way.  By providing a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, clients are able to work on developing new coping strategies, positive behaviors, and healthy thinking patterns.

I also believe in the power of group work and am proud to be an advanced Mind-Body Medicine practitioner certified by Dr. James Gordon and the Center for Mind Body Medicine, to facilitate their unique group model which has been implemented into communities throughout the world teaching self-care and stress management using mind-body skills.  


Mind-Body Skills groups can be facilitated off-site and at your place of business.  Corporate and healthcare professionals, teachers and students have all benefited from learning to incorporate mindfulness into the workplace.   

There are many ways to reduce stress and increase peace in your life;  making room in your schedule to take care of yourself is the first step.  Please contact me if you are interested in setting up an appointment, joining, or creating a group.  


Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist, 17-313

Certified Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, Center for Mind Body Medicine, Washington, D.C.

Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapy, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts, NYIT, Old Westbury, NY

"I feel calmer, much better than before the program"